Airline IBE-GDS Integration

A travel web portal is not complete if it is not integrated with the booking engine. Internet Booking Engine is a platform where the tourists are allowed to book their tickets online.
Today, there is almost no work that can’t be done through internet; the internet is a colossus tool that can provide tourists with all the facilities like online ticket reservations and online room booking for their stay. The advent of Internet Booking Engines (IBE) has increased the quality of the web applications by minimizing the manual work of travel agents and also by eliminating the errors related to booking. IBE helps the travel and tourism industries by supporting online reservation and other related services to the customers.
Fortune Infotech is one of the best travel portal development companies which let you develop seamless Internet Booking Engines (IBE) in order to serve the requirements of the restless travellers. Using these booking engines, tourists can effortlessly book air tickets, hotel rooms, cars and buses within no time. These engines can be made functional by directly integrating it with your existing or a new website.
Fortune Infotech, being a formidable travel portal development company in London, offers you ideal IBE solutions that can be customized to fit into contemporary airline requirements. Our IBEs provide an impulsive user interface making the booking process a breeze. We make use of a relational database to provide flexibility to cache the airline schedules and fare data for minimizing communication with the GDS/reservation host system.
With several years of experience, we have been successfully developing software solutions for airlines, consolidators, online travel agencies (OTAs), tour operators and travel management companies. We also have developed solutions for the entire chain of the airfare management, ticketing process and powerful internet booking solutions (IBEs) for all types of flights and other touristic services.
 Advantages of using Internet Booking Engines (IBE):

  1. Saves time and reduces cost: Users can check for the availability and book tickets instantly thus without having to wait for the staff to confirm the reservation by email.
  2. No third-party involvement: Online booking engines are commission-free systems as there is no third-party involvement and you don’t have to pay any periodical fees or commissions for the reservations made through online booking systems.
  3. Reliable and efficient: Users are allowed to manage their ticket allotment and rates through the easy-to-use online reservation system which saves much time.

In addition to the development of powerful IBEs, we have also integrated them with various GDSs like Amadeus, Sabre, Navitaire, Worldspan, Travelport, Gailieo and more.
 Advantages of Global Distribution Systems (GDSs): 

  • Easy access of information
  • More exposure and distribution
  • Maximizes revenue by saving time
  • Distributes content along with channel management
  • Increases accuracy of information

Our IBE solutions comprise the following:

  • CMS website/ Travel Portal development services
  • Designing services
  • IBE development with GDS integration solutions
  • SEO and SEM solutions

Our skilled developers are capable of building customized IBE solutions at a competitive price. Kindly get in touch with us by filling the form at right for any requirement on travel portal development.

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