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Online shopping has escalated to a new extent these days and the customers want it to be more easy, instinctive, and brisk. Today, an eCommerce website lets you achieve greater online sales, and more repeated customers.
Magento is the best platform for eCommerce websites which provide scalability, flexibility and features for the business upsurge. Using Magento, merchants will experience complete flexibility, control over presentation and great functionality of their eCommerce website.
Fortune Infotech, with the eminent experience in Magento web development, provides you the best designed Magento eCommerce solution which is mainly focused on user contentment. We believe that the good user experience and visitor confinement make eCommerce websites yield inflated profits.
We have a team of best Magento developers who are capable of developing eCommerce solutions based on today's optimum technologies. Being a momentous Magento eCommerce development company, we assure our clients with the matchless service and are constantly evaluating solutions in the eCommerce marketplace that helps our clients achieve the expected results.
Why Magento is the most favoured eCommerce Platform?

  • Magento platform comes with the loads of user-friendly features.
  • It lets you update your eCommerce website automatically, which is not possible in other e-commerce platforms.
  • It is non-complex, fast and resourceful which makes it easy for the customers to search and purchase the desired products.
  • Magento offers users with highly conjoint experience and also help online stores to promote their inventory in different domains.
  • Magento makes your website highly scalable as it is designed with a configuration based MVC system.
  • Magento eCommerce platform features impressive catalogue management tools that fulfil exclusive business requirements of a merchant.

Here are some core features of Magento:

  1. Analytics and reporting: Magento can be easily unified with Google analytics which provides detailed information on the website visits.
  2. Product browsing: It provides you with large number of functions for product creation. It lets you enable diverse features for your customers which make it easy for them to shop online.
  3. Catalogue browsing: The store offers easy navigation functions which allow customers to easily find their needs.
  4. Customer service: Customers are allowed to submit requests via “contact us” form and can access feature-rich accounts to view the order statuses directly on the site.
  5. SEO friendly: The store features search engine friendly URL functions which makes it easy to manage any web service.

Custom development services offered at Fortune Infotech:

  • Design and development of Magento websites and apps
  • Designing customized Magento themes & integration
  • Development of existing Magento theme design
  • Website / online store development
  • SEO for online stores
  • Payment gateway integration

Fortune Infotech has been the leading Magento development company in London with the ample years of experience in Magento development and has designed numerous websites and applications. Fortune Infotech also caters onsite and offshore Magento development services where patrons can hire Magento developers and glean the best services as they need.

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