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Facebook applications have become an eloquent tool for enterprises to enhance their social media strategy using Facebook platform. By exploiting the social media development expertise to the fullest, Fortune Infotech builds Facebook apps with users in mind to enhance the brand loyalty and create excellent customer experience.
Fortune Infotech is one of the popular Facebook app development companies which are well-known for remarkable quality work in developing matchless Facebook apps. We make use of the latest technologies to fetch the attractive combinations of all expected features in the Facebook apps which offers an everlasting user experience.
We have been an eminent Facebook application development company in London and across UK with a skilled team of developers, who are aimed at developing peerless applications with best features involved in it. Our veteran Facebook app developers endeavour to offer a high-quality code based application with a good interface.
Why Fortune Infotech for Facebook application development?

  • Apps feature a good user interface and are highly flexible.
  • We offer the best package with performance and security validation.
  • Apps developed are bug free and user friendly.
  • We also offer post launch application services.
  • On time delivery of applications and more.

Business benefits of Facebook apps:

  1. Builds awareness: Facebook apps have been used by many brand managers to establish their brand and create its awareness. There are several Facebook apps that are deployed to assist a brand to grow and sustain itself in the market.
  2. Generates traffic: Once the initial framework is done and the brand is established, the brand managers wish to generate traffic to their site. Facebook applications let you drive traffic to your site and benefit the brand as a whole.
  3. Reputation management: Once the brand is well known in the market and users are converted into followers, the brand has to manage its reputation in the market and in front of its contenders. Facebook apps serve as an efficient tool to keep up a brand’s reputation.
  4. User engagement: Applications like Instagram tab, Multi-Videos tab, Essay Contest tab, Welcome tab, Top fans tab help in engaging users with the Facebook page of a brand.
  5.  Attract sales and profits: Online portal sites are doing exceptionally well today, if a brand owns a portal site then that will be an added advantage for the brand. A brand can also promote its online portal using the Facebook Application which affects the sales positively while increasing the profit ratio.

Facebook Apps services offered at Fortune Infotech:

  • Development of Facebook applications
  • Creating social plug-ins for a site
  • Designing custom-made apps for profile pages
  • Enabling interaction with Facebook users and your site

There have been other social networks and media sites that have had limited success in creating brand awareness. With the loads of existing and new applications that are being created on Facebook, business owners have an option to use Facebook to promote their brand even further.
We at Fortune Infotech, have a team of well trained professionals who are capable of building captivating Facebook apps. Do get in touch with us for any requirement on Facebook app development.

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