5 Front End Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

6 December 2016

London: We all know that, front end development is a crucial aspect that makes it easy for users to interact directly with the website or application. It might be the coding that brings some tremendous change on screen making it aesthetically pleasing to the users, or a friendly interface that lets users navigate without any hassles.
It certainly plays a great role in the success of any website because an unfriendly design can literally destroy the user base causing a dramatic drop in the revenue. With this, we can clearly understand how important it is for front end developers to understand the users. Not just understanding the users but keeping an eye on the latest trends and avoiding some mistakes also helps you build a great website that can add up to your revenue.
So what are those front end development mistakes one should avoid? Below are a few.

1. Bringing in Tables instead of Div Containers
Some time back, using tables was really an effective way to place HTML elements, but now they seem to be out-dated. Of course, it seems to be easier working with tables, but you should also be aware of the fact that tables can be messy at times and may also cause some design flaws and misplacements on different browsers.
What can you bring in instead of tables?
Div Containers would be the answer. Yes, lately table designs have been replaced more by CSS and Div containers as it’s an optimal way to place the elements and to create a beautiful layout. Of course, tables are still used to display some charts or statistics, but they’re rarely used in creating layouts.

2. Using Old HTML Elements
HTML5, the latest and versatile evolution of HTML has brought in lots of changes to the standard page design. The new HTML5 replaces the elements like Adobe Flash with a <canvas> tag.  It has also expressed its disapproval to the tags like <centre> and <frames>.
Why using older HTML elements is not recommended is because, the front end design depends on the browser support to a great extent, and the older HTML support is not always available on some browsers. It’s a very bad practice and can also put your website in trouble in the long run making it vulnerable to security attacks.
It’s not just about the disadvantages of older HTML elements; one should never forget the awesome advantages HTML5 has got to offer to make the website modern and secure.

3. Not Testing on Major Browsers
As already told, front end design relies greatly on browsers, and this is why design experts suggest testing the code on all the major browsers. But the browsers are now being taken very lightly which has been the reason for pages having trouble loading on some browsers. Today, people expect the code to be tested at least on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge).
You can decide which browsers you would like to support by taking a look at the browsing analytics data or by using any external sources to find out the common browsers.
Along with the browser, you should also determine the oldest version of the browser you’d like to support because there are users who stick to the same old browser versions for a long time.

4. Forgetting Responsive Design
Smartphones have become one of the most popular devices to browse web these days. We can say that they have almost replaced desktop browsing. This being the case, the front end design of your website should always be responsive which otherwise would make your website be penalized in search results.
You can also consider building a mobile website (m site on a subdomain) but responsive design should never be forgotten. Even after making the site responsive, you’ll have to test it with all the browser and browser versions.

5. Using Out-dated JavaScript Libraries
Common practice is to stick to the libraries which are acclaimed, but experts suggest that it’s good to stick to JavaScript libraries which have active support and timely updates by their developers. If the library has no support or updates for years, the site may end up in a situation where a particular feature will no longer be functional because of the dependency on the out-dated library.
These are a few common mistakes front end developers make while building a website. What do you think after going through these mistakes? Do you think you’ve has considered all these points while building a website? If not, it’s time for your site to be revamped.
Fortune Infotech is a web development company that can help you with all your web development requirements. We have years of experience in front end web development and we’ll help you have an excellent and user-friendly website.

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