Google is Urging a Reinvention of PR

22 August 2013

In olden days
It never used to be a trouble when Google just looked at links, and who had them and who didn't. That's how it assessed the significance of a site; it is described in Larry Page's PageRank patent. With the Panda algorithm update the center was on “quality.”

In Google-speak “quality” is a substitute for purity. Paid-for links and other SEO messes with the purity of its index, the crown jewels of Google.

Now, with the Penguin algorithm updates, it is observing at more than 200 signals, many of them in social media platforms. There’s a lot more ways to muddy the superiority of its index.

The quality of natural signals
Google, in particular, wants high-class signals that are automatically produced by the viral nature of the Internet.
Google comprehends this natural behavior of the Internet superbly as its how it grew to be the best search engine –since it was the best search. It didn’t do any marketing as that would mean it didn’t have the best search engine. Even today, Google has no marketing chief in its senior ranks.

Google recognized that the Internet can act as a meritocracy, that the cream will continually rise to the top – except for when people dirty the waters with paid-for advertising activities.

Google attempts to find those signals of normal quality that represent a true virality, a truth that points to the natural importance of a business, a person, a product, or an idea – disconnect from any promotional signals of quality.

Let the search engines optimize themselves
Don't be anxious about links and SEO beyond the basics. Focus on gratifying your customers; let the search engines optimize themselves. If you try to purchase links, etc, ultimately Google will see that and those practices will come back to bite you.

And naturally, the bite lastly arrived, and businesses are messing up to have millions of back links rubbed out, sending legal letters to some sites. And striving hard to regain their lost positions in Google’s index.

Optimize for your patrons and enable the search engines optimize themselves. That's all that Google wants, so that it has clean signals, so that it can filter its search algorithm to find the most excellent results for each search.

This is why Google hates paid promotion of any type. It is an artificial boost up to fame and it purposely harms its index — the holy core of Google.

Beyond the press release
In Google's world, there is no want to trick its index with PR and false signals of fame. If you truly do have a better product, service, or mousetrap, Google will ensure that the world beats a path to your door.
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