Protect Your WordPress Websites with Newly Released Plugin Secure Scan Pro

2 July 2013

London: Secure Scan Pro is a recently released plugin for WordPress sites that was intended for all non-technical users, letting them to perform scans for common issues and fixes on WordPress in just a single click. Being equipped with an intelligent defense system against the probable attacks of botnets is what makes the Secure Scan Pro the best plugin to protect every WordPress site.
Recent news about hacked WordPress website development. According to the report, thousands of WordPress websites are being hacked by botnets and these attacks are still going on in full force. These botnets are bot networks that are programmed which scan every WordPress site in the Internet. Based from the news, hackers also use the name “admin” in these attacks. That’s why WordPress website owners are directed to change their username “admin” to something else. Experts also inform everyone that there is also a probability for an approaching massive attack, NY Times recently reported.
WordPress website owners can solve the issues by setting up the best security plugin. With the number of security plugins available, it is not easy to rely on a particular plugin as some of them are poorly executed. As a solution, Secure Scan Pro was released to aid everyone protect their websites.
Secure Scan Pro is simple to install and can raise the protection of one’s website in just two minutes. It is also packed with high-end features, which can help out anyone fix or repair issues without experiencing complex processes. Secure Scan Pro can scan every WordPress site to sense weaknesses. Offers instant one click fixes for twelve of most grave problems. It also automatically checks the core of one’s WordPress files to see if there are attacked files. Emails are also checked and scanned. If there are problems detected, Secure Scan Pro will automatically send notifications. It also bans frequent logins automatically and shows a captcha on the login interface to keep away from brute force bots.
Secure Scan Pro can also let anyone schedule weekly scans. It also includes hundred percent free customer support to provide everyone instant response on its users’ worries about the said plugin for WordPress site. Secure Scan Pro has a competent team of experts who are trained and skilled to deliver solutions and right answers to the questions of their patrons.
To get more information on how you can secure your website from probable attacks, visit Secure Scan Pro for a demonstration on how the plugin works and the steps you can take to protect your website.

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